Socio-therapeutic camps for children between 7 - 16 years


Stays in the tarining flat for peple aged 15 - 19 years


Individual assistance and support for young people

Socio-therapeutic camps

The camps last 3 – 9 days and they are based on work with a small group of children (12 – 14) aged from 6 – 16 years. The aim is to develop creativity, social abilities and practical skills and to strengthen their acceptance of themselves and their emotional balance.

In the professional programs many nonverbal techniques of the expressive therapies are used (e.g. art therapy, music therapy, movement therapy and relaxation). These may help to mitigate the consequences of the emotional deprivation and to strengthen children’s inner capacity for dealing with their current situations. We put the emphasis on the individual approach towards the children and on the creation of a stable, safe environment, which the children may repeatedly visit.

Since 1997 we have already organised 185 socio-therapeutic camps, where more than 800 children and young people have repeatedly participated.

Stays in the training flat

A series of eight stays in the training flat in Prague for group of young people aged 15 – 19 years. During these stays young people learn e.g. how to draft a budget for the weekend, orientation in the mass transport system, shopping, cooking or taking care of the rented flat. In a practical way they go through the topics which they are going to face after leaving the children´s home – money management, job and flat hunting, dealing with debts and other challenging life situations.

The goal is the strengthening of the young people’s self-confidence and self-reliance, offering them a greater responsibility for their chosen program, guiding them in various situations and supporting them in communication with new people (in banks,  in shops, during  job interview skills training etc.) During these stays the participants also think about leaving the children´s home in the future and discus possible scenarios of how their departure might look like.

Since 1997 we have organised 84 stays in the training flat, where more than 160 young people participated. 

Young adults

We offer individual assistance and support for young people who are scheduled to leave the children´s home soon or who have already left (aged 17 – 26 years). The goal of this service is to support these young adults in their transition to independent living, to help them integrate within wider society and to prevent their possible failure.

We provide employability support and social counselling (direct help with CV creation and orientation on the job market, and also help with finding a flat, dealing with debts, arranging social benefits etc.). We carry out a thorough career assessment (including detailed analysis of particular labour market opportunities, guidance on how and where to look for a job and support with job interviews).

Our next activity is to directly secure employment for our young adults. Thanks to our cooperation with specific employers we offer jobs or part-time jobs tailor-made for our clients. If necessary, we coordinate adjustments in the workplace and support measures to help with integration of the client from the outset.