Letni dům helps children and young people from children’s homes. Our activities are funded by the state as well as local subsidies, grants and donations from private companies and individuals. If you like what we do, you can support us.

How can I support Letni dum?


Support in the form of a financial donation

If you decide to support us financially you can transfer your donation to Letni dum´s account

193 123 73 69 /0800

 Each donor will be sent an email confirmation that the donation has been received and, on request, we will issue a certificate or prepare a deed of donation for tax deduction purposes. 

If you like, what we do

you can support us here:


Support in the form of material donation

During our work with children we need many various goods and services, for example art material, board games, movie tickets, tickets for public transport etc. We can also use some office supplies – papers, envelopes, toners …

If you would like to donate some of the items or services please contact us.

Support in the form of volunteering

Would you like to participate in our activities directly? You can help us for example with the organisation of public events, during the camps for children or with occasional help in the office.