In 1994 the founders of the Letní dům spent their summer holidays working in a children´s home. The ongoing practices there and the system of institutional care as a whole was a big disappointment to them. Children, whose lives have been marked since the beginning by emotional and social deprivation, physical or psychological abuse, were not given any kind of therapy. The children were looked after mainly by people without proper training or qualifications. During that time the founders of Letni dům came to the conclusion that these same children should receive compassionate and specialised care from a team of professionals.

Letní dům works on a long-term basis with concrete goals, creatively delivers personal development, helps in periods of crisis and supports the strengthening of relational bonds in the localities where the children grow up and live. We offer our services to children in children´s homes, to young people after leaving the children´s home, to families experiencing difficulties and to foster parents.