We provide support in the form of social work for all members of the family. Our goal is to precede the removal of the children from their homes and families. The development of parenting competencies for raising the child is one of our main activities. We improve the communication and strengthen a healthy functioning of the family. We try to improve the child’s mental state but also the mental state of all other family members. In those children who are not allowed to stay with their families anymore we try to establish a clear, comprehensible and safe relationship towards their relatives.

We work either on an outpatient basis or directly in the family. The tools we use in this area include, for example, case management, empowering interviews, practical training of various activities, crisis intervention, tutoring etc. If necessary we also source appropriate follow up services. In particular cases we may offer various forms of psychotherapy (individual, couple and family).


The support of the children in their original family is the most basic intervention. 

In 2021 seventeen families have sought our help. On a long-term basis we have assisted ten families (12 women, 3 men and 22 children), to whom we have delivered 132 counselling sessions and 67 accompaniments to offices and other institutions.