One of our main activities is toprovide support in the form of social work for all members of a family. Our goal is to precede the removal of children from their homes and families by improvingparents’ competencies in raising children. We work to improve communication and strengthen healthy family functioning.

We are comfortable working in either an outpatient basis, or directly within the family. Some of the tools we use with families includecase management, empowering interviews, practical training in various activities, crisis intervention, and tutoring. When necessary, we organize required follow-up services, which can include various forms of psychotherapy (individual, couple and family).

Supporting children in their original family is our most basic intervention.

In 2021, seventeen families sought our help. Over the longer term, we have regularly assisted ten families (12 women, 3 men and 22 children), to whom we have delivered 132 counselling sessions and 67 accompaniments to offices and other institutions.